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InnoxNova creating a kind of "environment" conducive to the development of innovative ideas and the transfer of new technologies. Our greatest achievements include the transfer of technology and the opening of the factories and companies for customers from abroat.. These facilities currently employ about two hundred people!


We work with firms from a variety of industries, but our biggest activities are implementing innovative technologies and commercializing them in the market in few different industries.


We are interested in the creation of manufacturing enterprises based on innovative products and process lines for reduced production costs. InnoxNova's operating philosophy is based on three main areas of development:

  • Innovation,
  • Innovative production,
  • Innovation or niche sectors with low levels of market saturation,



InnoxNova has engaged in business as an entrepreneur since 1999 in the area of consulting, and since 2008 has also specialized in the transfer of new technologies. InnoxNova has 15 years of experience in management and sales (including several years in exports) in the area of both B2B as well as production. His clients are well-known national and international corporate brands. He has been providing consulting and business counseling services for several years at the corporate level, while having launched new brands, opened businesses and factories and successfully transferred new technologies.

InnoxNova also laid the foundations for the creation of transnational platform, linking science and innovative technology with business and incubators of new technologies through collaboration with a network of business angels not only from Poland, but also from countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Israel and the United States. As an entrepreneur has possibilities to co-invest or arrange the capital and subsidies for potential partners. Opening the company or factory can be co-investment. Characterized by very good organisation for enterprises-staff, workers, knowlegde from different fields, production and company management same as connection to many branches with distribution net in Poland and European market.

Contact details

  •   ul. Foksal 18, 00-372 Warszawa

Entering new markets or open production line in Poland or CE can be a simple decision, but hard to do. Unless you have a starting point.

This is where InnoxNova comes in:

  • it’s the right starting point – a base in the region of Poland and EU, efficiently connect West and East business Europe -open production plant, open sales market for your products,
  • offering a combination of knowhow, focus and action, for those companies and organisations wanting to establish themselves in new territories, without trouble and solid expenses before day one,
  • It means knowhow at hand – or reachable in the short term,
  • a proactive partner to carry out decided strategies,
  • input on markets, channels partners etc,
  • sales work towards customers and channel partners,
  • helping companies and investor to open, link up, and to find mutual opportunities as a representative, a consultant, an agent or even as a distributor for products needing extra attention,
  • recruitment.



Our consultants are at your disposal.